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Electric Bikes & Accessories

Our team loved the work done and still going on for the amazing electric bikes brand, Tshibo. Tshibo ebikes is something new for the category in Cyprus, as it’s an upgraded electric bike, easy to use, economical, ideal for transportation in the city and not only. From day one our team worked with the owners of the brand to create the brand identity for Tshibo and furthermore, promote it in the local market through selected channels.

Fasouri Waterpark 2019

Theme Park / Waterpark

Working for another campaign with Fasouri Waterpark couldn’t make us more happy, working on the 20 years anniversary campaign made us more enthusiastic than ever. We have managed anything in terms of printed and online material for the park, such as bus designs, indoor and outdoor promotion signs, magazine advertisements, web ad listings, social media promotion.

Financial Mirror

Website Development