Our company can design Mobile applications for iOS and Android that provide best performance and user experience. Our app development team takes each project through several phases of testing and implementation to ensure the highest possible quality of user experience. For each app development project, we focus on security, optimization, user experience and quality assurance.

We develop websites that  are attractive, fast and affordable , at first we gather the requirement,  analyze the project, study the audience and then we implement a site that will fulfil the objective of  our client, we are committed to serve our clients during and after the whole project cycle, we can also interface and integrate website with client database system, we are experts in building responsive website, mobile App and eCommerce.


Every organization requires a proactive IT Service support to ensure business continuity and availability, our Up time Support and Maintenance facilitate a fast response to incident and restores failed hardware.

We help you to balance between cost and risk, this will ensure that your support contract is consistent with your business objectives.  

Managing your IT infrastructure is all about pre-preemptive management rather that finding or troubleshooting after an event occurs; we help you to identify these events and work together to replace them before any hardware failure .

Our  IT Support and maintenance agreement is provided on a yearly basis, for more information please contact us.

Cloud services

Whether you are looking for private cloud or public cloud or even hybrid cloud at Cloudtech we help you choose the right decision that will satisfy and match the solution you are looking for.

Private cloud

Independent and isolated from the outside cloud, we provide as a service implemented at the client data-center, considered cost effective and fast implementations.

Public cloud

Our public cloud will satisfy even the highest demanding enterprise, our data center is hosted at amazon web services which is considered the most high available, reliable and secure data-center in the world

Hybrid cloud

Depending on the solution requirements, We will help you choose between public cloud and private cloud, hosted in either your data center or ours.


It’s not easy to keep informed of latest technology and new trends, we are committed to share our knowledge and expertise with our clients through consultation.

Choosing the right IT Provided can gain you a great advantage and avoid any threat and risk.

Search Engine Optimizations

SEO is a method to higher your website ranking on the Search engines by setting up certain policies and procedures, your website will gain visibility, conversion and more reach by your clients.  

At Cloudtech we have helped many clients achieve highest ranking through organic channels.

Social Media Management

We manage your online interactions and content across social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.

We don’t just post updates to your company’s social media profiles. We make sure that Social Media Page have engagement with your audience and find new opportunities to increase reach and visibility