Google Survey

By 23rd March 2017Technoloy

from a recent Google Survey, 48% of users feel that if a business website did not work well on their mobile devices, it simply meant that the company could not care less about their business. This might come as a shock to the businesses who have yet to invest  in a proper web platform. Ever since Smart Phones started being what they were in fact called after, your business automatically became mobile. Keeping up with the times has simply become another way of showing you respect your customer’s lifestyle.

85% of adults believe that the mobile version of the website should look better than the browser-based one. This is not surprising when most web analytics will show the sheer volume of users accessing a website from their mobile devices. If this does not convince you yet: 57% of consumers will not recommend a company with a bad mobile website and 67% of consumers are more likely to buy from a mobile friendly website. Mobile is the way to go.

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